The Antarctic Micronational Union comprises of a diverse community of micronations, with representatives from all over the world. New members may join by applying for membership and being voted by current members, and inactive members are removed if no sign of activity is shown. The list below reflects the most up-to-date recognized micronational Antarctic claims.

Celtic Cross, Missionary Order of the

Representative: Archdruid Thomas Harris
Claims: Western Enderby Land, Ross Island, and the Queen Elizabeth Range

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Hortanian Empire

Representative: Emperor Billbrough
Claims: East-Inland Queen Maud Land and West-Inland Mac Robertson Land

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Karnia-Ruthenia, Empire of

Representative: Emperor Oscar I
Claims: Princess Elizabeth Land, Willhelm II Land, and Queen Mary Land

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Lostisland, Federal Republic of

Representative: President Yaroslav Mar, Administrative-General of the AMU

Claims: Alexander Island

Pavlov, Empire of

Representative: Emperor Alexander IV
Claims: Graham Land

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Užupis, Republic of

Representative: Minister of Foreign Affairs Thomas Chepaitis
Claims: Central Antarctica

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Westarctica, Grand Duchy of

Representative: Grand Duke Travis McHenry
Claims: Marie Byrd Land, Peter I Island, and the Balleny Islands

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The official map of the Antarctic Micronational Union displays the claims of all the Member States of the organization. A potential applicant for AMU membership is in obligation to check their desired claims with the map and ensure that they don't conflict with those of any existing claimants. Updates to the map are being made upon admission or expulsion of new members, and an amended version will be published here.

Map Updated: 21 March 2020

Membership Updated: 24 February 2020


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